Always the same. Delicious!

I first tried your pizza about 1 year ago. i was hooked. The sauce is perfectly seasoned. The ingredients are always fresh. I have been back 7 or 8 times and it is always the same. Delicious!

Jeff M. | Akron, Ohio

Thank you for making such quality, reasonably-priced food!!

We tried Papa-Roni’s for the first time last week, and were very impressed at how wonderful it was!! We tried the new Brier Hill pizza, boneless wings, and a salad. All were delicious! Thank you for making such quality, reasonably-priced food!!

Autumn D. | Barberton, Ohio

I found my new pizza place!

Received the menu in a bundle of ads. Looked it over and decided to try something new. The 5 Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza was fantastic! The Paparoni bread was delicious! I think I found my new pizza place!

Timmy B. | Akron, Ohio

Who needs Donatos?

My son-in-law arrived in town after driving 12 hours through a thunderstorm. He kept talking about Donato’s, Donato’s, Donato’s. He just finished your meat lovers pizza. Now he says “Papa Roni’s, Papa Roni’s, Papa Roni’s.” I’m thinking I’ll get to see my grandson more often now!

Keith S. | Barberton, Ohio

The Food is GREAT!

Bought a house a couple months ago, just down the road from here. So it’s been really nice to order & pick-up and enjoy. The free water/pop and popcorn is also a great deal. We’ll make it a plan to keep ordering from here, the food is GREAT!

Gloria T. | Doylestown, Ohio

We Have Found our FOREVER Pizza Place!

We have found our forever pizza place! your staff is wonderful at reading any notes we leave for a special order- the free popcorn is a bonus and not to mention your food tastes great. thank you for your excellent customer service.

The Hoch Family | Barberton, Ohio

HIGHLY recommended!! Great Work Papa Roni’s.

My entire office orders lunch from Papa Roni’s at least a couple times of week!! EVERY item offered on the menu is simply delicious!! Everyone has a favorite and I am challenging the group to try something different until we have all had everything available. The entire staff and delivery people are pleasant and quick!! HIGHLY recommended!! Great Work Papa Roni’s!

Sandy B. – Mobility Works | Akron, Ohio

Our friend was was EXCELLENT!

At the persistent urging of a colleague, the husband and I finally broke down and ordered pizza from Papa Roni’s last Friday. This is hard to say, but he was so right!!! IT WAS EXCELLENT!! Nice to know that there is good pie delivery in our area!!! We will definitely order it again!

Jennifer B. | Barberton, Ohio

I fell in LOVE with your pizza.

Ever since Papa Ronis pizza came to my town (BARBERTON) I fell in LOVE with your pizza…well, the deals too! I like the different ways of ordering. On line, text or call. And to really say what I like is the drive thru with fast nice friendly people to help me and for picking up i get a free can of pop and of course your free fresh popcorn! Thanks papa Ronis pizza!

Wendy M. | Barberton, Ohio

The best crew and food in the Akron and Barberton area.

I was so tired of thin pizzas and uncooked pizza. I was at the point I wasn’t going to order pizza ever again. Then one day I went out and checked my mail and in the ads was a full color Papa Roni's menu. I looked at the menu and thought the prices were great so my husband and I ordered from them, Our first order was a pizza – we ordered a Little Papa . The thickness of the pizza was great. The amount of toppings for the price was amazing with just the right amount of sauce. Even though it had a lot of toppings on it, all the way thru the pizza was done perfect, not overcooked and not undercooked. Next order we ordered calzone subs. They were great and what was even better was we were able to top that meal off with a shake that was delivered to our door – it tasted great also Their salads are wonderful and great portions once again for the price .We now order from the best Pizza and subs place in the Akron area!!! Papa Roni’s!!! Okay we order at least 4 times a month from them, if not more. We’ve been doing this for as long as they started delivering to our area and only had one problem with them. We ordered our pizza and malts one day and I opened the pizza and couldn’t believe it. They had forgot to cut it. Just to give them a laugh we called back and my husband told them. They offered to send out a whole new pizza we told them no we had a cutter but just wanted to make them laugh. Their delivery people are always clean looking and very polite. Yea for Papa Roni’s having the best crew and food in the Akron and Barberton Area!!!! Hands down all around the best pizza Papa Roni’s.

Lisa L. | Barberton, Ohio

INGENIOUS – Pizza and Ice Cream Together!

I’ve been a loyal customer for a little more then a year. I work in the food industry and know a thing or two about customer service and standards. What I love the most about your establishment is the attention to detail. I have searched high and low for Superman ice cream and never found anyone in the area that carries it. Rather overjoyed when I found out you did. It was a favorite of mine as a child and remains such to this day. Brought back some memories when I had it for the first time in years. Ingenious pizza and ice cream together at last!! Above all else I truly appreciate, how hard you work to achieve excellent customer service. I’ve never had a bad experience and will remain a loyal customer. I cannot thank you enough too all the staff at Papa Ronis. Job well done. Be seeing you soon!!

K. Kusick | Barberton, Ohio

Service and Quality is an 11 on a Ten scale!

To the staff of Papa Roni`s we have been a regular customer of your location for sometime now an I just want to express what a great job you guys do , from the creative ways that you help make new style of sandwhich`s to the fast an friendly delivery service you always give to us. On a scale from 1 to 10 an ten being the best yoou guys rate an 11 for over all service an quality an care of your customers. Keep up the really great job

Rusty Watson - owner of Budget Muffler Shop | Norton, Ohio

PapaRoni’s is amazing pizza!

PapaRoni’s is amazing pizza! The subs are great, we get them for lunch every Friday. Keep up the good work!

James H. | Akron. Ohio